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Yo Rebels!! [DG] Gisli gives an introduction to The Machines. We will be releasing short dev diary videos where we do a deep dive various aspects of the game and its development. 

Intro to The Machines

The world is in ruins, devastated by a cataclysmic war that left it a barren wasteland nearly devoid of life, except for a few survivors on either side of a conflict fought for reasons long forgotten.

Two centuries later, two separate factions of sentient machines, known as the Purists and Dominators, are still fighting against one another for supremacy of a blasted planet, with the last remnants of humanity reduced to mere helpless slaves. Until now.


Group with other players and fight in competetive tournaments against other players and clans. 


Take control of your Machines and be in charge of the fight. In The Machines, combat is very engaging and intense as you direct your robots towards the opponent HQ and take out all his defenses. Unless, they kill you first.


When nuking from orbit is not possible, there is only one way to be sure: better fitted robots! Train your robots, and fit them with awesome items that you loot from the battlefield. 


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